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About Rob Towles

Rob Towles is a successful consumer product, gaming industry and networking entrepreneur. He personifies the true essence of entrepreneurial spirit with a serious love for investing, analyzing trends, asset acquisition, and his incredible work ethic driven by initiative and determination.

With raw leadership talent and the ability to put the right people in the right place, Towles’ business successes span across a multitude of industries. Towles has been at the helm of a popular energy drink brand, the lead investor of a social gaming investment firm, a restaurant owner, and in his latest role the founder of the up-and-coming social crowdfunding network SmashFund. As the mastermind behind this new crowdfunding platform, Towles is leading the team to provide a place of empowerment and opportunity where people can effectively fund their passions and projects for a “Life Without Limits.” The unique hybrid system of revenue sharing and backer donations, bolstered by a proprietary algorithm on a social network are a crowdfunding industry first. Be on the lookout for SmashFund’s official launch slated for Summer 2016. 

Here is a video of Rob to better explain Smashfund:

The concept of SmashFund is to disrupt the status quo and to create opportunities for entrepreneurs without placing limits upon them. The avant-garde space that the sharing economy represents for society as a whole is a game changer in every way, and it is shifting economic models profoundly. SmashFund will provide entrepreneurs with various tools to connect with one another, establish awareness about their passions, raise funds for their passions, and to contribute to the passions of others – all while creating maximum exposure for each user’s “Why.”  With Rob’s unique vision for the platform, SmashFund will boast no time limits, goal requirements or commitments, and will be the only crowdfunding platform that shares company revenues with its users. In addition to this unprecedented revenue sharing model, SmashFund does not take a percentage from backer contributions and allows members to change out their passions and projects freely without disrupting their community and backers already in place.

SmashFund uses the power of a revolutionary social algorithm to build a community which can help fund passions and projects. Each new person or company personally invited to SmashFund is automatically connected directly to you within your community. As you invite more and more new people to SmashFund, users will see new connections appear organically in their communities. These new connections are created from overlap with other user’s communities, an amazing feature exclusive to SmashFund that connects users to other people and companies. The more people users personally invite only increases the connections they make. This trailblazing algorithm unique to SmashFund, is the future of crowdfunding.
rob towles 3“My favorite part about being an entrepreneur,”
says Towles, “is that I’m great at creating disruptive models and bringing other people into the fold that are excited for the challenge. I truly enjoy developing opportunities to empower others, so they may positively change their way of life… and the world.”

All work and no play would make Rob a dull man, which is why he balances his life by working AND playing hard. “I feel most alive when my life is on the line,” says Towles, who seeks high adventure, thrills, and new experiences in all he does. Whether it’s riding enduro, Spartan races, or hitting the CrossFit gym for a daily workout, his all-or-nothing personality shines through.

Although he loves thrills and excitement, Towles also enjoys the more mellow side of day-to-day life. While he is passionate about his businesses, his true passion is for his wife and their three sons, with whom he spends the majority of his free time. The Towles family can be found catching the latest cinematic release at their favorite movie theater, enjoying a quiet dinner date, and attending Church services and special events. The Towles family recently accompanied their Church for a mission to Mexico, where they empowered a less fortunate community by building them a house of worship. Towles is diligently creating a legacy of excellence for his family, exemplifying the importance of creating good in all that they do and empowering others to create their own success.

Some of Rob’s successful business ventures include the Following:


Chief Executive Officer, SmashFund Inc.
August 2016 – Present (2 months)Bend, Oregon
SmashFund is the first crowdfunding platform operating as a social network.

SmashFund is an invite-only social crowdfunding network that helps fund the passions of users. SmashFund shares up to 80% of revenues with users, and is slated for official launch Summer 2016.

Full Card Interactive, LLC
2010 – Present (6 years)Las Vegas, Nevada Area
Full Card Interactive is a social game investment firm, and most notably the lead investor for Buffalo Studios and Cloudyshark Studios.

Buffalo Studios was acquired by Caesars Entertainment for over $100MM in 2012. Popular Buffalo Studios games include Bingo Blitz, Bingo Rush, and Bingo Rush 2.

Founder, SmashFund Inc.
January 2015 – July 2016 (1 year 7 months)Bend, Oregon
Founder of the first crowdfunding platform operating as a social network.

Shareholder, eFusjon Inc
2008 – 2010 (2 years)United States
Efusjon healthy energy drink brand achieved $26.5MM in sales within first 12 months of business.

Mortgage Specialist, Ditech/GMAC
2004 – 2008 (4 years)Costa Mesa, California
Mortgage Specialist for a national residential mortgage company. Responsible for more than 1,200 funded mortgage loans totaling more than $200MM.

Be sure to follow Rob Towles via his social channels, and join him in conversation! His favorite topics include the business world, entrepreneur life, adventures, new experiences, the shareconomy, and the groundbreaking crowdfunding platform SmashFund.

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