SmashFunds New Found Success


Rob Towles – CEO of SmashFund

SmashFund is geared up to become a fortune 2000 company. With revolutionary ideas and creative minds backed by a shear will and desire.

Having had successful companies in the past, we have a lot to feed off of and there is still plenty of room to improve. SmashFund is exciting because it helps the person who needs funding for a project with no hidden costs. Everything is out there in the open. No hidden penalties for no reaching your goal. A lot of people don’t realize that on other crowdfunding platforms if you set a goal and you don’t reach it, there can be hidden fees associated with that. Not only have we created a platform to work around those fees, but we have integrated a way for you to earn and make up any costs you may have at all by simply sharing SmashFund with others. You don’t even have to need funding for a project, you can simply refer people and make money in doing so. When has this ever been available in a social funding market before? It hasn’t.

We are still aiming to release here in early July, but things may get pushed back just a little due to the overwhelming response we have been getting. We don’t want to release before everything is ready and fully functioning so you can have a smooth entry.

We are so thankful for all of the positive comments and support!

SmashFund CEO

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